Brew Hopping in Norfolk? Sure, why not!

by | Feb 6, 2022 | Neighborhoods, Ocean Mist Realty

10 Breweries you must visit.

Since 2010, the Norfolk brew scene has exploded! We’ve compiled a list of some of the “must sip brew” spots in the area. Brew-hopping anyone?

  • Smartmouth Brewing. Located in the Chelsea District near downtown Norfolk, known for the “Lucky Charm’s” beer, Saturday morning IPA, made with dehydrated marshmallow bits. Drop-in for their annual street parties and live concerts. Be on the lookout for food trucks!
  • Reaver Beach Brewery. Located on Colley near Ghent. Known for vast selections of sours and award-winning IPAs. It is a dog-friendly establishment inside and out. Food trucks abound!
  • The Veil Brewing Co. is located in the Railroad District. Established in Richmond, Virginia, the Veil has opened another in Norfolk. The Veil boasts a full kitchen with taps on every floor of the three-story establishment.
  • Elation Brewing Larchmont’s only brewpub offers a wide selection of wine and beer. Be sure to drop in for Sunday brunch!
  • Rip Rap Brewing. Located near Ghent. Rip Rap has a limited four-tap menu that is ever-changing. Visit regularly to sample their newest beer list. Keep in mind once a barrel is gone- it is done!
  • Benchtop Brewing. Located in the Chelsea District near downtown Norfolk. Benchtop is known for its unique flavors that you will unlikely find anywhere else.
  • Maker’s Craft Brewery. Located close to downtown. Partnered with Emerson’s Cigars, Maker’s has an on-site cigar lounge. Thursday- Sunday enjoy local fare from the food trucks. Maker’s also offers pool tables and a full calendar of events, so check out their website!
  • O’Connor Brewing. Located near Ghent. The first Norfolk brewery! O’Connor has a vast outdoor beer garden. They host annual parties and live music regularly. St. Patty’s Day happens to fall on their anniversary and is an epic celebration! Be sure to visit their website to see scheduled events like yoga classes, food trucks, and a farmer’s market.
  • COVA Brewing Co. is located in East beach. They offer craft beers and coffee. Outdoor area with live music, fire pit, and games! Yes, they are dog-friendly!
  • Bold Mariner Brewing Company. Veteran owned and located in Ocean View. Drop-in for some local barbeque from Bar-Q– known for their brisket and homemade sausages! The beer is award-winning- Frogman Lager has won awards.

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